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68 - specified way ground-itch an itchy allergic reaction...

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bantam cock  a small but aggressive person; a bantam is a small domestic fowl. crepey  wrinkled like crepe cloth or paper. acrimonious  bitter and caustic in temper, manner, or speech. ruttin'  referring to rut,   the periodic sexual excitement, or heat, of certain mammals: applied esp. to  males. tenet  principle, doctrine, or belief held as a truth, as by some group. ambidextrous  able to use both hands with equal ease. lavation  the act of washing. chiffarobe  a wardrobe with drawers or shelves on one side. frog-sticking  a method of hunting frogs on bayou banks with a small pitchfork. constructionist  a person who interprets, or believes in interpreting, a law, document, etc. in a 
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Unformatted text preview: specified way. ground-itch an itchy allergic reaction caused when parasitic hookworms enter the body through bare feet. ex cathedra with the authority that comes from one's rank or office: often specif. with reference to papal pronouncements, on matters of faith or morals, regarded as having authoritative finality. impudent shamelessly bold or disrespectful; saucy; insolent. corroborative making certain; confirming; corroborating. temerity foolish or rash boldness; foolhardiness; recklessness....
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