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Student Information First Name Last Name Student ID 78900 Textbook Questions Questions Number Units 1 2 3 4 5 6 Additional Questions Questions Number Units 7 8 9 10 11 Question 10 - What is the present value of this liability? Question 12 - How much will your collection be worth when you retire in 2062? Question 16 - What rate was TMCC paying to borrow money? Question 18 - What will your account be worth when you retire in 45 years? Question 20 - How long will you wait from now? Question 24 - How much will you have to deposit today? The White family now has $40,900.00 from an initial investment that earned 4.08% (APR, monthly compounding) since November 4, 2000.
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Unformatted text preview: How much did they invest initially (no funds have been added to or subtracted from this investment)? What rate of return (APR) is Red earning if he invests $166,400.00 for 18 years and gets $364,000.00 (monthly compounding)? $686,000.00. She purchased it 6 years ago for $549,000.00. What rate of return (APR) did she earn on her investment (annual compounding)? How many years must a pale rider wait if it has $742.00 and needs $949.60, if it gets 7.76% (annual compounding)? Your grandparents are willing to lend you $2,232.00 at 4.37% for 5 years with simple interest. How much money must you pay them back?...
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