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Student Information First Name Last Name Student ID 11000 Textbook Questions Questions Number 1 2 Question 4 - Calculate the OCF. 3 4 Question 8 - What is the annual OCF for the project? 5 Question 14 - What is the IRR for this project? 6 Question 18 - Calculate the NPV. Conch Republic Questions Questions Number 7 8 Continuing, what is the operational cash flow in year 3? 9 Continuing, what is the project's cash flow in year 0? 10 Continuing, what is the project's cash flow in year 5? 11 Continuing, what is the internal rate of return of the project? Question 2 - What is the amount to use as the annual sales
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Unformatted text preview: fugure when evaluating this project? In other words, what is the incremental sales revenue? Question 6 - What is the aftertax cash flow from the sale of this asset? Refer to the chapter case on page 300, with these three changes: (1) depreciate the necessary equipment to $3.10 million over seven years instead of using the MACRS schedule, (2) the unit price of the new PDA will be $490 instead of $500, and (3) the fixed costs for the operation will run $4.40 million per year instead of $4.3 million. What is the projected net income in year 1?...
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