91 - After two years in Kabul, the drought has finally...

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Unformatted text preview: After two years in Kabul, the drought has finally ended. The Kabul River flows again. Laila and Tariq rent a small house that Tariq is fixing up. In the mornings, Laila says prayers with Aziza and then gets the kids ready for school. They all walk together to the orphanage where Aziza once lived, which now, really is a school. Laila is a teacher there, and she and Tariq have been heavily involved with renovating the building. On their way to school, Laila sees new signs of life sprouting throughout Kabul music in the air, saplings planted in yards. At school, Zalmai practices free throws with Zaman. Laila finds her students waiting for her in the classroom. She takes a moment to think of Mariam. Laila has no idea where she's buried, but she feels Mariam's presence constantly. She starts class, thinking about the name game Tariq, Aziza, feels Mariam's presence constantly....
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