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Unformatted text preview: Llevar, tomar, and sacar Llevar, tomar, and sacar all can be translated as to take, but each verb has a specific purpose, and you must know when each one is appropriate. Spanish differentiates verbs according to what is being taken. Llevar means to transport something or someone from one place to another. It is not used to refer to taking a means of transportation, but rather the action of taking a person or an object to a different location. If a person is being taken somewhere, llevar is followed by the preposition a. Marla lleva a su sobrina a la playa. Marla takes her niece to the beach. Juan y Andrs llevan los refrescos a la fiesta. John and Andrew take the drinks to the party. Llevas a un amigo a la fiesta. You are taking a friend to the party....
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