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All nouns in Spanish have  gender . To understand the gender of nouns, it is first important to  understand what a noun is. In elementary school, you probably learned that a noun is a person,  place or thing. Technically, a  noun  is a word that represents a person, place, or thing. When a word  represents a person, the gender of that noun will obviously be the gender (sex) of the person it  represents.  However, in Spanish, any noun that represents any object will have gender. It is not that the object 
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Unformatted text preview: the word represents is either male or female, but rather that the word itself is either a masculine or feminine word. For example, one word for computer, la computadora, is feminine, and another word for computer is masculine, el ordenador. Television can be represented by a feminine word, la televisin, or by a masculine word, el televisor. la chica the girl el libro the book el hombre the man la silla the chair...
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