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Masculine Feminine el agente the male agent la agente the female agent el cantante the male singer la cantante the female singer el comerciante the businessman la comerciante the businesswoman el estudiante the male student la estudiante the female student el negociante the male merchant la negociante the female merchant el presidente the male president la presidente the female president It is common to add the suffix  –ista  to a noun to create a new noun that means “a specialist in …” or  “a player of ….” For example,  el futbolista  is a player of  fútbol  (soccer), and 
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Unformatted text preview: el pianista is a player of the piano or a spet in the piano. The unusual thing about words that end in –ista is that they will be used for both males and females. The article will indicate the gender of the person the noun represents. Notice that it will seem strange to use a word ending in –a to refer to a male. If you make a note of the nouns that break these general rules when you learn them, you'll avoid a lot of mistakes later....
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