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89 - to –a Masculine Feminine el amigo the male friend la...

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Masculine Feminine el capital the money la capital the city el cura the priest la cura the cure el guía the tour guide la guía the guidebook el orden the order (arrangement) la orden the order (command) el policía the policeman la policía the police force or policewoman Change the suffix When referring to people, you can change a word from masculine to feminine simply by changing a  noun that ends in  –o
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Unformatted text preview: to –a. Masculine Feminine el amigo the male friend la amiga the female friend el alumno the male student la alumna the female student el chico the boy la chica the girl el maestro the male teacher la maestra the female teacher el niño the boy child la niña the girl child el primo the male cousin la prima the female cousin el sobrino the nephew la sobrina the niece...
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