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108 - The English pronouns do not exactly match up with...

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Unformatted text preview: The English pronouns do not exactly match up with Spanish pronouns so Table 2 presents the pronouns in a different way. The best way to learn these pronouns is to make flashcards with the English on one side and the Spanish on the other. Be sure to specify things like feminine and formal or informal. Table 2. Spanish Subject Case Pronouns Singular Pronoun English Equivalent Plural Pronoun English Equivalent nosotros nosotras usted you (informal, plural) vosotras tú we (feminine) vosotros yo we you (informal, plural, feminine) ustedes you (plural) I you (in an informal manner) you (in a formal manner) Ud. (abbreviation of usted) you (formal) Uds. (abbreviation of ustedes) you (plural) él he ellos they ella she ellas they (feminine) ...
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