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Subject pronouns in Spanish are usually not capitalized except when used as the first word of a sentence. Notice, however, that the abbreviated forms Ud . and Uds . are always capitalized, and the longer versions usted and ustedes are not capitalized except when serving as the first word in a sentence. You probably don't think about the fact that the English pronoun I is always capitalized. The Spanish equivalent, yo, is not capitalized, unless it is the first word of the sentence. Table 3 lists the pronouns in a specific order to help you conjugate
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Unformatted text preview: verbs. This organizational chart is called a conjugation chart. You should memorize the order and grouping of the pronouns listed. Notice that nosotros / nosotras is across from yo; vosotros / vosotras is across from tú; él is across from ellos; ella is across from ellas; and usted is across from ustedes . It is important to maintain this form when you write the pronouns in a conjugation chart. Also remember that usted/Ud. and ustedes/Uds. are second person pronouns in English but take the third person form of the verb in Spanish....
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