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112 - The pronoun tú is the informal way to say you This...

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Unformatted text preview: The pronoun tú is the informal way to say you. This is used when you talk to someone younger than you or someone who is a close friend or family member. It is safest to use the usted way of saying you unless you are certain that you won't be insulting someone by using the informal tú pronoun. The plural form of tú is vosotros, but it is rarely used outside of Spain. Most people don't bother to learn the vosotros pronoun because ustedes can be used as the plural form of you for any situation. Since Spanish is new to you, it's easier to use ustedes any time you want to address a group as “you guys” or “y'all.” Replacing nouns with subject case pronouns Remember that a subject pronoun is used to replace a noun that is the subject of the sentence. If the subject is a single person, use él or ella to replace the person's name, depending on the gender of the person. If the subject is more than one person, use the pronoun ellos unless all of the people included in the subject are female. If the subject is a thing rather than a person, the subject pronoun is often eliminated completely, or the subject pronouns él or ella are used to represent the gender of the noun being replaced. ...
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