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113 - form of verbs in Spanish because they always end in...

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The most basic form of a verb is called an infinitive in English or infinitivo in Spanish. While both languages have similar names for the infinitive, they do not create the infinitive form of the verb the same way. In English, the word “to” must be placed in front of a verb to create an infinitive. For example, the sentence you just read includes the infinitive “to create.” In Spanish, an infinitive is only one word. Hablar is the Spanish equivalent to the English infinitive “to speak,” beber is “to drink,” and escribir is “to write.” You will be able to recognize the infinitive
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Unformatted text preview: form of verbs in Spanish because they always end in one of three ways: – ar, – er, or – ir. The above examples of infinitives include one of each type. Because hablar ends in – ar, it is called an – ar verb . Beber is an –er verb and escribir is an –ir verb . The type of infinitive the verb has ( –ar, –er, or –ir ) will determine the conjugation patterns of the verb in different tenses. • The main reason you need to know about infinitives is because the verbs you learn will be written in their infinitive form. It is helpful to learn the list of simple verbs...
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