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In English the  present progressive  is often used to indicate an action in progress or ongoing. If the  present tense is used to state “I bathe,” it has a slightly different meaning than if the present  progressive tense is used: “I am bathing.” The understood meaning of the present progressive is that  the action of the verb is happening at that point in time. There are other cases in English sentences  where the present progressive indicates that the action of the verb is not necessarily occurring at that  exact moment of time, but rather is an ongoing process that is much like the simple present  indicative tense. For example, “He is studying French” has the same basic meaning as “He studies  French.” But if one asks what he is doing right now, it would also be appropriate to use the present  progressive to answer: “He is studying French.” 
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Unformatted text preview: The Spanish use the present progressive similarly. The present progressive construction is created the same way in Spanish as it is in English. This makes the present progressive very easy to learn and understand. To use a verb in the present progressive, you must first conjugate the verb estar to go with the subject. Then you use the present participle form of the main verb. The present participle in Spanish ends in – ando (for – ar verbs) or – iendo (for both – er and – ir verbs) and is the equivalent of an English verb ending in –ing . For example: Juan estudia (John studies) is the present tense. Juan está estudiando (John is studying) is the present progressive construction. You must have both parts in this contruction, or else it will not make sense....
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