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138 - yo form as you work through this section verbs with...

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As luck would have it, the most common form, es, sounds a lot like its English equivalent “is . Not only is ser irregular in its conjugated forms, it also has to compete with the verb estar, which also means “to be.” Irregular verbs in the yo form Several common verbs in Spanish are completely regular verbs except for the yo form. These are usually called yo irregulars. To help you remember the irregular
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Unformatted text preview: yo form as you work through this section, verbs with the same irregular yo form are grouped together. –oy verbs There are two extremely important verbs that are irregular only because the yo form of the verb ends in – oy : dar (to give) and estar (to be). As you can see in Tables 3 and 4, the rest of the forms of the verbs have regular endings....
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