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165 - ellas v ie nen(they[feminine come Notice how similar...

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Table 7. Conjugation Chart for the Verb Venir yo vengo (I come) nosotros/nosotras venimos (we come) tú v ie nes (you [informal] come) vosotros/vosotras venís (you [informal, plural] come) usted (Ud.) v ie ne (you [formal] come) ustedes (Uds.) v ie nen (you [formal, plural] come) él v ie ne (he comes) ellos v ie nen (they come) ella v ie ne (she comes)
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Unformatted text preview: ellas v ie nen (they [feminine] come) Notice how similar the forms are for both tener and venir . The only differences are in the nosotros/nosotras and vosotros/vosotras endings because venir is an – ir verb and tener is an – er verb....
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