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E  to  i   Contemplate this rule: All  e>i  stem changing verbs are  –ir  verbs, but not all –  ir  verbs are  e>i  stem  changers. Consider the list of  e>ie  stem changers, some of them are  –ir  verbs.  This means that when you learn an –  ir  verb that stem changes, you must remember whether it stem  changes  e>ie  or  e>i . Fortunately, the list of 
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Unformatted text preview: e>i stem-changing verbs is short, and only ir verbs can stem change e>i . Common e>i stem changing verbs are: despedirse de to say goodbye impedir to impede, to prevent medir to measure rer to laugh repetir to repeat seguir to follow, to continue servir to serve sonrer to smile vestir to dress...
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