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Think of the  E  as representing  E vent location  because this is an exception to the rule that  estar  is  used for locations.  Generally the verb  estar  indicates a temporary state of being, but when you see the specific reasons  for using  estar,  you will notice that the location of a building or geographical feature is indicated with  estar,  and this is not exactly temporary. Consider the examples in Table 2 to see how the verb is 
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Unformatted text preview: used in sentences. Table 2. Reasons for Using Estar (TLF) Reason Sample Sentence T emporary conditions La comida está caliente. (The meal is hot.) L ocation (except for events) El parque está aquí. (The park is here.) F eelings/emotions/health Durante un examen, yo estoy nerviosa . (During a test, I am nervous.)...
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