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One other circumstance that affects the placement of an adjective is when it is modified by an  adverb. When an adverb such as  bien, más,  or  muy  precedes an adjective, both words will usually  follow the noun.  el chico más guapo the most handsome boy la chica muy bonita the very pretty girl Adjectives that change meaning If you place the adjective incorrectly in a sentence, most of the time you will not alter the meaning of  the sentence. You may sound a little silly to a native speaker, but you will still express what you mean 
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Unformatted text preview: to say. However, a few adjectives change meaning depending on where they're placed in the sentence. Imagine telling your teacher that she's large when you meant to say she's great–just because you put the adjective in the wrong place! Here is the complete list so you won't make mistakes like this in your own conversations....
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