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28 - concept Notice that sometimes it sounds better to say...

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In Spanish there are actually three distances: here, there, and far away. If you want to indicate that a  noun is “way over there,” you use the singular demonstrative adjective  aquel/aquella,  or the plural  aquellos aquellas . There is no English equivalent to these words, so it's best to translate them as  “that _____ way over there” or “those _____s way over there.” The following sentences exemplify this 
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Unformatted text preview: concept. Notice that sometimes it sounds better to say “far away” instead of “way over there.” Aquel chico es guapo . That boy (way over there) is attractive. Aquella nación es rica . That nation (far away) is wealthy. Aquellos libros son viejos . Those books (way over there) are old. Aquellas montañas son blancas . Those mountains (way over there) are white....
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