47 - Gabriela is as crazy as her father. Ramn es tan rico...

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Comparatives of equality A comparative of equality means that the people or things being compared have equal  characteristics or possessions. To express a comparison of equality, you will use an adjective with  the expression “  tan …como ” even though in English you use the same word twice: “as …as” to  create equivalent expressions, as shown here:  Subject + linking verb +  tan  + adjective +  como  + noun (or pronoun)  Susana es tan popular como su hermano.   Susana is as popular as her brother. In the followinig examples, the adjective matches the subject of the sentence. Gabriela es tan loca como su padre.
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Unformatted text preview: Gabriela is as crazy as her father. Ramn es tan rico como ella. Ramn is as rich as she (is). When a comparison of nouns indicates equivalence, the same formula is used, except that tan becomes the adjective tanto ( a, os, as) and must match the gender and number of the noun that follows it. Subject + linking verb + tanto + noun + como + noun (or pronoun) Mateo tiene tantos televisores como Marisol. Matt has as many televisions as Marisol. El maestro tiene tanta paciencia como un santo. The teacher has as much patience as a saint....
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