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62 - The pronoun les has the same problem so if it is...

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Because the pronoun  le  is so vague, a clarification can be placed either at the beginning of the  sentence or after  gustar  to indicate the gender or even the specific person who is pleased. To create  a clarification, use the preposition  a  followed by a subject pronoun.  é l, a ella,  or  a usted  can be  used to clarify the pronoun  le A ella le gusta la pizza . Pizza pleases her. = She likes pizza. A él le gusta comer . Eating pleases him. = He likes to eat. A usted le gusta el restaurante . The restaurant pleases you (formal). = You (formal) like the restaurant.
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Unformatted text preview: The pronoun les has the same problem, so if it is necessary to clarify the gender of “them” or to specify “you guys,” use the same method of clarification by adding a ellos, a ellas, or a ustedes. A ellas les gusta correr . Running pleases them (feminine). = They (feminine) like to run. A ustedes les gusta mirar la tele. Watching TV pleases you guys. = You guys like to watch TV. A ellos les gusta el partido. The game pleases them. = They (masculine) like the game....
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