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63 - gustar you use Look carefully at the following...

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The indirect object precedes the verb  gustar  to indicate who is pleased. But what makes these  sentences stray from the Spanish norm, is that the subject of the sentence—the thing that is doing  the pleasing—follows the verb. The verb is still conjugated to go with the subject, but the subject is  after the verb. Usually either the  él  or  ellos  form of  gustar (gusta)  is used.  Gustan  is used when  followed by a plural subject, and  gusta  is used when followed by a singular subject or an infinitive.  The indirect object that precedes  gusta  or  gustan  does not affect which form of 
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Unformatted text preview: gustar you use. Look carefully at the following examples, and notice that gustar is conjugated to go with the subject that follows. If there is a clarification of the indirect object after gustar , ignore it. The subject follows and determines which form of gustar to use. Le gustan a él las guitarras . The guitars please him. = He likes the guitars. Les gusta el piano . The piano pleases them. = They like the piano. A ellos les gusta tocar . Playing pleases them. = They like to play. Me gustan los músicos . Musicians please me. = I like the musicians....
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