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64 - So when an infinitive is used as the subject after...

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When  gusta  is followed by a verb in its infinitive form, the verb is actually acting like a singular noun  and is called a  gerund.  In English, a verb that is acting like a noun will have the  –ing  ending, but in  Spanish the infinitive is always used in those cases.  Soccer      is fun. Playing  is fun.  Both  soccer  and  playing  are singular nouns, as are  f ú tbol  and  jugar  in this translation:  El f ú tbol  es divertido. Jugar  es divertido. 
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Unformatted text preview: So when an infinitive is used as the subject after gustar, the él form gusta is appropriate, as in these examples: Nos gusta el fútbol. Soccer pleases us. = We like soccer. Nos gusta jugar . Playing pleases us. = We like to play. There are several common verbs in Spanish that are used exactly like gustar. It's important to learn these verbs and the examples that follow in order to use them correctly....
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