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When two object pronouns beginning with the letter  l   (le, les, la, lo, las, los)  are used together, the  first pronoun, which is always the I.O.P., changes to  se . The following examples tackle this situation.  The indirect object is in bold and the direct object is underlined to help you visualize what noun  changes into what pronoun and where they are placed in the sentence.  Sergio le compra a su madre unas flores . Sergio buys his mom some flowers . Sergio se las compra. Sergio buys them for her. Gabriel
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Unformatted text preview: les da algunos besos a sus padres. Gabriel gives his parents some kisses . Gabriel se los da a sus padres. Gabriel gives them to his parents. Lorenzo le enseña el concepto difícil a su amigo. Lorenzo teaches his friend the difficult concept . Lorenzo se lo enseña. Lorenzo teaches it to him. Ana les trae la comida a sus abuelos. Ana brings her grandparents the meal . Ana se la trae. Ana brings it to them. Here's another way to think of it: le and les change to se when placed before lo, la, los, or las ....
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