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104 - If there's a blank line in front of the indicator the...

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There are other words that serve as preterite indicators only when the sentence is definitely in the  past. Something else in the context of the sentence or a previous sentence must indicate that the  sentence is in the past, otherwise these indicators may be used with other tenses. However, if you  know you need a past tense and you're not sure which of the two, look for one of the following words  to indicate that the preterite is the appropriate past tense.
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Unformatted text preview: If there's a blank line in front of the indicator, the verb you will be conjugating in the preterite will be in front of, rather than after, the indicator. esta mañana this morning esta tarde this afternoon esa mañana that morning esa tarde that afternoon ___ a tiempo on time ___ de nuevo again por fin finally en fin finally ___ por primera vez for the first time ___ una vez once...
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