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Unformatted text preview: The preterite and imperfect tenses are often used together in the same sentence. There are a few typical sentence-structure formulas that are easy to learn. Two vocabulary words that are necessary to join two past tense verbs in the same sentence are mientras (while) and cuando (when). Notice that cuando does not have an accent mark because it is not being used as a question word. Joining verbs with mientras The conjunction mientras can be used to join two verbs in the imperfect, or it can be used in sentences where one verb is in the preterite and the other is in the imperfect. The sentence will change meaning depending on the tense of the verbs joined by mientras . Read the explanations carefully and then analyze the examples after each formula. Visual cues are provided in both the formula and example: A verb in the imperfect tense is underlined, and a verb in the preterite is in...
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