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Unformatted text preview: Contraction with de Whenever the pronoun de is followed by the definite article el , the contraction del must be used. For example: • de el norte (from the north) must contract to: del norte (from the north). de la luna (from the Moon) does not contract. de los libros (from the books) does not contract. de las novelas (from the novels) does not contract. The contractions of al and del do not occur if it is the pronoun él rather than the definite article el preceded by a or de . Preposition: en The preposition en is mistakenly considered a cognate for the English preposition “in” or sometimes “on.” While there will be times when en is used like “in” or “on,” there are many uses of en that are translated to a different English pronoun. The only way to place this preposition correctly is to learn translated to a different English pronoun....
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