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Unformatted text preview: Amount of time En is used to express an amount of time necessary for completing something. This usage of en is similar to a familiar English preposition “in.” • Terminó la tarea en diez minutos. She finished the task in ten minutes. • Volvimos en unos minutos. We returned in a few minutes. Price exchange and how something is done The preposition en is used in many places that could just as easily use the preposition por. For example, to indicate the price of exchange or the means by which something is done. Either preposition is acceptable in such cases. Also, en can be used instead of por to indicate the price of exchange. For example: Te lo dejo en diez pesos. I'll let you have it for ten pesos. • In some specific expressions, en is used to indicate the means by which something is done (for more expressions, see Appendix ). Le dije ese cuento en broma. I told you that story jokingly. • Belita siempre habla en serio. Belita always speaks seriously. • Common error with en A common error with en is to use it when referring to days of the week, however, that is not the case in Spanish. To state that something occurs “on Monday” would be stated in Spanish with the definite article “ el lunes.” The definite article is also used in the plural to indicate “on Mondays” in general: los lunes would indicate “every Monday.” To state that something generally occurs “on weekends” use los fines de semanas. • Siempre vamos a la playa los sábados. We always go to the beach on Saturdays. • Uds. tienen una prueba el miércoles. You guys have a quiz on Wednesday. ...
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