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139 - For being a foreigner she speaks English well...

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Standard The standard is what is considered “normal.” To express that something strays from the norm in  English, the preposition “for” is used in an expression like, “She's very cool for a teacher.” In other  words, she isn't all that cool, it's just that she's cooler than the standard that is considered typical for  a teacher. In Spanish, this expression of something that is contrary to the established or understood  standard is stated using  para.   Su hijo sabe mucho para su edad.   His son knows a lot for his age. Para ser extranjera, ella habla inglés bien.
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Unformatted text preview: For being a foreigner, she speaks English well. Preposition: por The reasons for using por can easily be remembered with the acronym DEEMMMS. Each word below represents one of the reasons, and they're all explained in detail in the following sections. • D uration • E motions • E xchange • M otivation • M eans • M ovement • S ubstitution Duration Por is used to express the duration of time or the length of time that something lasts. • Vivimos en Puerto Rico por dos años. We lived in Puerto Rico for two years....
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