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There are certain verbs that use the preposition  por  to create an idiomatic expression and certain  verbs that are used with  para . These do not logically follow any of the rules for using  por  and  para because that is what an  idiomatic expression  is: a group of words that have a specific meaning  when used together but don't make sense if you try to translate them separately into English. See  Appendix for a list of idiomatic expressions. There are many that include either  por  or  para To avoid confusing the  por  and  para  rules, learn the idiomatic expressions with 
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Unformatted text preview: por and para separately. It may help you learn them if you put all the idiomatic expressions that include the preposition por on one color of flashcard and the expressions using para on another color, so that the color can help you remember the appropriate preposition. When you quiz yourself, rewrite both sets of idiomatic expressions on all white cards to see if you can remember whether to use por or para with each expression, as well as to see if you understand what the expression means....
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