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160 - Table 2 Neutral Demonstrative Pronouns this esto that...

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When a demonstrative pronoun refers to an idea, situation, or concept, the appropriate  neutral  demonstrative pronoun  is used. Since neutral demonstrative pronouns do not replace a specific  noun, but rather refer to general ideas or concepts, they do not need to represent any gender and  there is only one form. Notice in Table 2 that the neutral pronouns never have accent marks. 
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Unformatted text preview: Table 2. Neutral Demonstrative Pronouns this esto that eso that (far away/long ago) aquello Here are some examples: • Eso es lo que te dije. That is what I told you. Mi niñez (Aquello que me pasó me trae tantos recuerdos.) My childhood (That which happened to me brings back so many memories.)...
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