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165 - d If a verb is reflexive and the pronoun os is...

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Vosotros  commands  vosotros  command is used to order a group of people whom you would address in the  t ú  form. The  vosotros  command forms are unusual because it is much safer to use the  ustedes  commands with  any group.  To create an affirmative  vosotros  command, replace the –  r  at the end of the infinitive with a – 
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Unformatted text preview: d . If a verb is reflexive, and the pronoun os is attached, the – d is dropped. Table 3 shows a few examples. Table 3. Affirmative Vosotros Command Forms Infinitive Affirmative Command bañarse (to bathe, reflexive) bañaos beber (to drink) bebed contestar (to answer) contestad servir (to serve) s ervid...
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