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Since the pronoun  usted  is specifically used to demonstrate respect, it's especially important to  remember to use the correct form if you wish to command someone whom you would address using  usted Usted  and  ustedes  commands are created like negative   commands and are used for both  affirmative and negative commands.  To create an  usted  command, remember the mantra: form of  yo,  drop the –  o,  add the opposite  ending. Think of the present tense  yo  form of the verb you want to make into an 
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Unformatted text preview: usted command, then drop the – o ending and add the él, ella, or usted ending normally used for the opposite kind of verb. For an – ar verb, use – e, and for an – er or – ir verb, use – a . Table 1 shows the endings for usted and ustedes commands. Table 1. Endings for Affirmative and Negative Usted and Ustedes Commands Infinitive Ending Usted Affirmative/Negative Endings Ustedes Affirmative/Negative Endings –ar –e –en –er –a –an –ir –a –an...
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