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181 - noun they modify and must match that noun's gender...

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If there are any reflexive or direct or indirect object pronouns, they will come between the  no  and the  verb. The only pronoun that precedes the  no  is the subject pronoun if it's used.  Me compr é  alguna ropa.   I bought myself some clothes. No me compr é  ninguna ropa.  or  Ninguna ropa me compr é .   I don't buy myself any clothes. You probably noticed that  alguno  and  ninguno  can change endings to become feminine and/or  plural, as in the case of  alguno . These words can be adjectives or pronouns, and the gender of their  ending matches the gender of the noun it replaces or modifies.  In the following examples, the words  algunas  and  ninguna  are used as adjectives. They precede the 
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Unformatted text preview: noun they modify and must match that noun's gender and number. Keep in mind that negative words have no plural because they indicate that there is none of something, and hence the plural does not apply when there is not even a singular instance to speak of. • Tenemos algunas mascotas. We have some pets. • No tenemos ninguna mascota. or Ninguna mascota tenemos. We don't have any pets. When used as a pronoun, the noun being replaced must already be established so that the correct gender and number can be used. • Tenemos algunas. We have some. • No tenemos ninguna. We don't have any....
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