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Home | About the Program | Leadership Awards | Laureates | The Archives | Acknowledgements | Sponsorship Opportunities The Computerworld Honors Program Honoring those who use Information Technology to benefit society Final Copy of Case Study LOCATION: Detroit, MI, US YEAR: 2009 STATUS: Laureate CATEGORY: Healthcare Technology Area: Management of software-as-a-service solutions with your organization ORGANIZATION: Compuware Corporation ORGANIZATION URL: PROJECT NAME: Covisint Healthcare IT Initiative Introductory Overview Compuware Covisint provides an innovative, on-demand technology framework that transforms healthcare information and access for members of United Physicians (UP). At 2,200 doctors, UP is Michigans largest physician group. In February alone, Covisint helped 5,000 physicians securely, efficiently and electronically process 1 million transactions for UP and its partners. Together, Covisint and UP offer a dramatic and transformational benefit to healthcare, changing the way physicians and other caregivers interact and transact business -- saving money while saving lives. Specifically, Covisint is helping UP achieve its goal of eliminating paper -- which is unsecure, inefficient, error-prone and expensive Healthcare expenditures, according to the National Coalition on Health Care, are expected to have risen 6.9 percent in 2008 and to grow to $4.3 trillion--or 20 percent of GDP--by 2017. Yet the industry remains more than 70 percent paper-based. The task of reducing and eliminating paper is massive at best, Herculean at worst. Healthcares only viable answer to this problem involves the widespread adoption of health information technology. This effort is changing lives, most notably in the reduction in errors like adverse drug events (ADEs) that cause tens of thousands of avoidable deaths every year. Other critical savings include reductions in unnecessary inpatient hospitalizations due to missing patient information, in duplicative lab and radiology tests, in third-party data-sharing and in fraud. Through Covisints innovative and on-demand healthcare technologies, including those for ePrescribing, UP is achieving these
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benefits for its physicians and the patients they serve. The cost savings to the industry are eye-popping. With widespread adoption of health information technology use, potential savings are estimated at one-third of the $2.2 trillion spent on healthcare annually. These savings will come from improvements in appropriate medication use and diminished adverse drug effects (ADEs). Finally, on a societal level, Covisints chief security officer has actually testified to the U.S. Senate on ePrescribing, arguing that ePrescribing of controlled substances (currently illegal) is not only a good thing to do, but the only thing to do. As a result, a letter was signed by then-Senator Barack Obama and 18 other U.S. Senators, including Ted Kennedy, supporting Covisints
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assign 4.1Home - Home | About the Program | Leadership...

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