mac1105_mymathlab_tutorial - MyMathLab Tutorial You have to...

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MyMathLab Tutorial You have to purchase MyMathLab Student Access code either with your textbook (ISBN: 9780321755988) or standalone MyMathLab student access code in the bookstore (ISBN: 9780558565985) or you may go online to to purchase immediate access using a credit card (click on “Register” under the Student heading ). To purchase on-line, you will need: A valid email address Course ID: williamson18652 A valid Credit Card or Pay Pal Account Go through the process of registration. Your username for MyMathLab, which you have to input during the registration, is your UF e-mail address, that is, your When you are finished with the registration, log in to CourseCompass and enroll into your course. Course ID: williamson18652 Now you have to run the Browser Check. You need to install all plug-ins and players. Refer to the CourseCompass Help if you have any problems with the installation. If you have a Mac computer and have difficulties with TestGen installation and functioning, please visit the link View the tour “How to Enter Answers” and tips on entering math notations. Now you are ready to do your Homework. Introduction – Module 0 (In E-Learning) First, you have to read the Syllabus and view the Presentation, and then take two quizzes in MyMathLab: L0 Course Information and L0 Presentation . All quizzes are offered in TestGen format. Make sure that the latest version of TestGen is installed in your computer. If not, install it. You have unlimited number of attempts and no time limits on these two quizzes. Do one problem at a time. You won't be told after entering an answer if it's correct or not. You can move back and forth between questions using the "Last Question"/"Next Question" buttons - do not hit BACK button on your computer toolbar . The quiz won't be scored until you submit the quiz. You can review your quiz any time after submitting. You must score 100% on the Introduction Quizzes in order to move to the main content: Module 1 – Module 26. Homework Assignments and WarmUps: Module 1 – Module 26 (In E-Learning)
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This note was uploaded on 11/07/2011 for the course MAC 1105 taught by Professor Picklesimer during the Fall '10 term at University of Florida.

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mac1105_mymathlab_tutorial - MyMathLab Tutorial You have to...

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