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Basic College Algebra Learning Objectives L01 Real Numbers and Algebra Review (R.1, R.2) Due date: 08/25 1. Classify the numbers. Identify the sets of natural, integer, rational, irrational, and real numbers. Perform operations on the set of real numbers. Work with properties of real numbers. Evaluate numerical expressions using the order of operations. 2. Compute absolute value of a number or expression. Find the distance between two numbers on the number line. 3. State laws of exponents. Simplify expressions by using the laws of exponents. 4. Define the square roots. Evaluate the principal square root. Convert between scientific and decimal notation. Perform operations in scientific and decimal notations. L02 Polynomials; Factoring Polynomials (R.4, R.5) Due date: 08/30 Learning Objectives 5. Recognize monomials. Recognize polynomials. 6. Perform operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication on polynomials. Use the special product formulas for polynomial expansion and factoring. 7. Factor out the common factor. Factor polynomials by grouping. Define prime (irreducible) polynomials. Factor polynomials over the various sets of numbers: integer, rational or real numbers. 8. Factor quadratic trinomials by using FOIL “in reverse”. Use method of substitution for factoring polynomials. L03 Polynomial Division; Synthetic Division; Rational Expressions (R.4, R.6, R.7) Due date: 09/01 Learning Objectives 9. Divide polynomials by using long division. Perform synthetic division where it is appropriate. 10. Define a rational expression and its domain. Reduce a rational expression to lowest terms. 11. Multiply, divide, add, and subtract rational expressions. Use the least common multiple method for adding or subtracting rational expressions. 12. Simplify complex rational expressions (complex fractions).
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L04 nth Roots; Rational Exponents (R.8) Due date: 09/06 Learning Objectives 13. Define the principle nth root of a real number. Evaluate radical expressions. 14. Simplify radicals. Rationalize the denominators. Add and subtract radical expressions. 15. Define rational exponents. Simplify expressions with radicals and/or rational exponents. L05 Linear Equations and Applications (1.1, 1.7) Due date: 09/08 Learning Objectives 16. Give the definition of an equation in one variable and its solution set. Describe the operations which, when performed on an equation, lead to an equivalent equation. 17. Solve linear equations and the equations that lead to linear equations. Solve an equation for the indicated variable. 18. Describe the steps for solving applied problems. Use mathematical modeling to solve applied problems on uniform motion, interest, mixture, constant rate job, and other applications. L06
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mac1105_objectives - Basic College Algebra Learning...

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