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Brands in Social Media Report_2008

Brands in Social Media Report_2008 - The top 100 brands in...

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© immediate future Ltd.2008 immediate future Ltd, The Loft, Vine House, 143 London Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6NA t: 0845 408 2031 f: 0208 549 2605 m: 07803 898 511 e: [email protected] VAT registration No. 786 8830 62: Company No. 4709287 Registered office: 135 Notting Hill Gate W11 3LB 2 The top 100 brands in social media The impact of online conversation on the Interbrand Top 100 global brand survey The immediate future (IF) ‘brands in social media’ research document, now in its second year, looks to offer topline insight into the growing impact of social media and online conversation on leading brands. Using the Interbrand Top 100 and Millward Brown BrandZ rankings as reference points, the IF report represents a snapshot (accurate to June 2008) of online discussions, sentiment and visibility of some of the world’s largest brands. It is increasingly clear that the level of a brand’s engagement with the ever growing online community is beginning to have a direct correlation with that brand’s reputation. This document aims to explore how brands have addressed the growing presence and importance of consumers’ opinions and how the birth of social media has forced brands to adapt (in response to such a rapidly evolving medium). The Online Landscape Social media is booming. Every day new statistics, white papers and articles appear discussing its continued growth. Independent market analyst Datamonitor has revealed how quickly the number of people participating in online social networking is growing: the UK currently leads Europe, in terms of membership, and is expected to reach 27 million users – a threefold increase on today’s figures – by 2012 1 . Across the globe, consumers are more connected than ever before, thanks to easier internet access, the rise (and reduction) in price of broadband and an increase in home usage. With the continual development of tools to aid communication, including blogs, social networks and photo/video sharing sites, this trend looks set to continue. But what exactly is social media? The term reflects the sharing of information, experiences and opinions through a series of widely available, easy- to-use tools. Very simple, very public, very hard to ignore. Social media encourages the building of communities; groups of people with common interests who are keen to interact with one another on matters important to them, from daily musings to very specific subject matter. More importantly, anyone can participate in these communities. Finding a group and joining in the conversation is very easy thanks to the wide variety of online tools available (which facilitate the finding and sharing of information). 1
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Brands in Social Media Report_2008 - The top 100 brands in...

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