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Teaching Philosophy 1 Miao Guo University of Florida I have been guided by a straightforward philosophy of teaching during the past ten years. Whether as independent instructor or teaching assistant, I simply want to become the best teacher I can be and help my students succeed. It is my belief that teaching is both an art and a science. The artistic side taps creativity and inspiration, while the scientific side taps technical knowledge and methods. An extraordinary teacher should integrate the art and the science of teaching, resulting in an effective and distinct style. A teacher’s primary role, I believe, is to encourage all students to develop creativity and motivation, so that they can envision their own extraordinary talents and capabilities. The best strategies I have found are to integrate teaching objectives and tailor course content to meet students’ career goals and life purposes. Most students majoring in journalism and mass communications possess great passion and enthusiasm to be excellent journalists or producers; therefore, I try to apply a variety of real-world examples and projects that allow them to discover their interests and capabilities under realistic conditions. I have found that one of the most informative and motivating teaching methods is using case-based instruction, which aims to bridge the gap between theory and application, as well as between teaching content and student needs. Utilizing class discussion, dialogue, and debate, and expecting students to think, reason, and communicate, I am able to make the content appropriate and personal, and to further help them shape a mode of reasoning applicable to all fields of inquiry, which should never be limited to one’s field of expertise. To help students strengthen their critical thinking and expand their knowledge, I realize that it is vital to make each student a partner in the learning process, who therefore shares the educational responsibilities. My job as teacher is to create a stimulating classroom environment that inspires their effort and achievement. Once in the classroom, I engage the students with my specific teaching styles
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teaching philosophy_miao - Teaching Philosophy Miao Guo...

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