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Argumentation Essay: Problem: with respect to the three components of rhetoric, evaluate how effective Al Gore’s presentation about global warming is Identify and evaluate how effective Al Gores appeal to pathos, ethos is Identify and evaluate the overall argument (logos) for global warming. Precise Arguments Form (Formal Logic): Deductive Argument 1. All men are mortal 2. Socrates is a man 3. So, Socrates is moral Inductive Argument 1. A pinch of salt dissolved in water 2. Another pinch of salt dissolved in water 3. …. 4. So, all salt dissolves in water Informal Arguments:
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Unformatted text preview: Key words: because, Therefore, since, Enthymeme Successful enthymemes root speakers argument in assumptions, beliefs or vale s held by the audience The audience must supply missing premises; Warrant: the missing shared assumptions that makes an enthymeme into an argument Write an argument: Identify the logos CO2 Emissions are rising So, global warming is occurring Underlying assumption: a rise in CO2 emissions increases temperatures (green houses gasses) Could something else explain the rise in CO2 emissions?...
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