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Causal/Resemblance Argument Discussion of Topic: evaluate a causal /resemblance argument You Dirty Vole (Gunjan Sinha) Vole Mating (analogous to compassionate love – feelings of calm, security, social conform, emotional union) Prairie voles – monogamous, some infidelity Mating behavior resembles human rituals (monogamous attachment – males and females share a home and child care, occasion infidelity), exhibit selective behavior when choosing partner Cause: brain-chemistry Oxytocin in brain of animals promotes bonding (more closeness, more cuddling, etc) – injecting animals with oxytocin blockers caused voles to leave their partners Vasopressin – males have more – causes them to be territorial; made them more protective of their mate Also present in humans Analogy: Evidence of mating preferences in moles explained via biology; Claim: Human mating preferences are similarly determined by biology An explanation of love in strictly biological terms’
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Lecture11-CausalArguments-YouDirtyVole - Causal/Resemblance...

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