Lecture13-ThesisStatements - Writing a Thesis Statement One...

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Writing a Thesis Statement One or two sentence statement that explicitly outlines the purpose or point of paper Purpose o Direct the reader to the rest of the paper o Give the reader a clear idea what you will argue for in the paper [The end point that you will reach in your argument paper o Compress the entire point or idea of paper into one or two sentences Not o An obvious statement – shouldn’t be arguing for an obvious conclusion o A vague or ambiguous statement o A statement of fact o a statement that doesn’t include an argument o a statement that does not pass the “so what” test A Good Thesis Example 1: o 1. In Oedipus the King, Sophocles creates a world in which fate is inevitable, excellence is dangerous, good intentions are irrelevant, and the best we may hope for is to live and die ignored by the gods. o 2. Oedipus the King offers the most powerful catharsis of any tragedy of the classical Greek theatre. o 3. Oedipus blinds himself when he finds out the truth about his birth, his marriage, and his children. Example 2: o 1. My life is busy because I am a working students o 2. As a working students, my life bifurcates into both the corporate world and the classroom. o 3. Contrary to popular belief, working students do okay in both worlds o 4. A working student’s life, bifurcates into the corporate world and the classroom, demonstrates how these dual roles enhance rather than detract from one another. Kinds of Theses:
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Lecture13-ThesisStatements - Writing a Thesis Statement One...

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