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ITIS 1P97 F11 - Sproule Lab Workshop 1 Go to the Resources section of your Isaak Lab course and open the file Lab Workshop 1 – data.xlsx Use “ Save As ” to save and rename the file. Save the file in a location where you can find it again (i.e. to a USB drive or to your “X Drive” on the Brock server.) Your X drive is a secure location that can be accessed from any computer in any of the Brock ITS labs. Open My Computer and under Network Drives , find the drive named “ yourid on Badger Samba Server ( (X:) 1. Open the sheet named Apartment Selection Problem Format titles and add borders Calculate the total score for the first apartment. o Do this by selecting cells. (Multiply the weight for each criterion by the score of each apartment on that criterion). o Copy the total score formula to the remaining apartments. (NOTE: You Must change cell references for the weights from relative references to absolute references.) o Use the sumproduct (range, range) function to accomplish the same result as above. o
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