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MID-TERM EXAMINATION GUIDELINES Exam Day/Time: October 15, 2011 Saturday (7 to 9 PM) Actual exam time: 2 hours Place: TBA STRUCTURE Multiple Choice 40 True/False 25 Short answer 15 (3 problems worth 5 points each) Total 80 RULES Nothing besides calculators, pens/pencils, id cards allowed
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MID-TERM EXAMINATION GUIDELINES COVERAGE Chapters 1, 2, and 3 All slides and spreadsheets online Focus primarily on the online slides and spreadsheets, and use the text book just as a supplement – the questions will be mainly from the slides and spreadsheets Specifically, try to go through the chi-square worksheets from chapter 2, and the ‘Anova_results’ worksheet from chapter 3 . Make sure you go through the highlighted definitions and results in detail Go through all the slides from the chapter one power point presentation – it should cover chapter 1 very well Make sure you stress the highlighted points well enough when
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Unformatted text preview: you go through the slides from chapter 1 MID-TERM EXAMINATION GUIDELINES PROBLEMS From chapter 2 focus on the following: Types of variables, observations, & their properties Definitions of probability 3 types of probabilities 5 types of events 2 formulas (AND & OR) 5 probability distributions: binomial, poisson, exponential, normal AND uniform (tossing of a coin) Chi-square tests, including calculations of Fo and Fe, and chi-sqaure From chapter 3 focus on the following : Basics of simple and multiple regression, including types of variables, coefficients, R square values, assumptions, and pitfalls. Moving averages, exponential smoothing, and LTMM methods and their basics To the extent we could, we have avoided EXCEL questions in the exam, so do not focus on them!!!...
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Mid-Term_Guidelines - you go through the slides from...

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