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Impact of HRM The area that I suggest needs to be improved is “Training and Development”. Training is an important aspect of any company; employees should always sharpen their skills in their department in order to succeed higher. To make training cost effective, our company must spend money for training that leads to measurable improvements in the way its individual employees, groups, and the company as-a-whole perform. These training-needs usually starts when managers recognize that many company-specific ways training programs can be developed to increase efficiency, quality, innovation, and responsiveness to customers. Another great cost effective way of training would be using the internet to present training to employees. This allows employees
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Unformatted text preview: to access the training from their desks or at home on a computer or virtually anywhere. Another popular method is on-the-job training. This method can be productive, but it could also slow down the employee, preventing them from accomplishing their duties. Our goal will be to choose the type of training that will have the biggest impact on our employees’ work performance; using the method of training employees every quarter will benefit our company. Also, training provided by the company will ultimately help every employees work development, thus helping our company development....
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