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CHE/MAE 294/Fall 2003 December 4, 2003 Nature and Properties of Materials ABET Final Assessment of Objectives and Outcomes This information was provided on the first day of class in the course outline. Goal The goal of this course is to teach you about the nature and properties of materials, including the concepts, principles, and formulations used to identify and solve relevant problems in contempo- rary materials science and engineering. Objectives An objective is a milestone toward meeting a goal. This course will 1. Present the concepts and principles needed to understand the fundamental nature and se- lected properties of materials, 2. Identify relevant problems that require this information, 3. Formulate appropriate solutions to the above problems, 4. Show the use of computational tools and literature references to solve a selection of the above problems, and 5. Illustrate how the above knowledge plays a role in contemporary materials science and en-
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Unformatted text preview: gineering. Outcomes An outcome is a measurable accomplishment of the work undertaken. At the end of this course, you will 1. Have a basic understanding of the concepts and principles needed to describe the fundamen-tal nature and selected properties of materials, 2. Be able to identify relevant problems that involve this information, 3. Be able to formulate appropriate solutions to the above problems, 4. Be aware of how computational tools and literature resources are used to solve such prob-lems, and 5. Understand that this knowledge is useful in contemporary materials science and engineering. Please indicate on the lines above how well you believe this course has provided its stated outcomes with a scale of 1 (poorly), 2 (less than adequetely), 3 (adequetely), 4 (more than adequetely), 5 (exceptionally). Bring this completed sheet with you to the nal exam....
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