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An introduction to Molecular Understanding of Biological Systems Instructor : Dr. G.K. Podila Office Hours : Tue 1-2PM, 369D Shelby Center Phone: 824-6263; Email: [email protected] TEXT: New Biology for Engineers and Computer Scientists, 2004 by Aydin Tozeren, Stephen W. Byers Additional resources: Biology by Campbell and Reece, 2006, Benjamin Cummings MODULE I: The Chemistry of Life Introduction to BYS201 The Chemical components of Cells, Chemical bonds Acids and Bases and pH Chemical Reactions, Enzymes Module II: Macromolecules of Life Introduction Carbohydrates, Lipids, DNA and RNA, Proteins The Genetic Code Protein Structure and function Module III: Cells and their Functions Prokaryotes and eukaryotes Nucleus, Organelles for Protein synthesis and Transport Cytoskeleton Metabolic Processes and Mitochondria (metabolic engineering) Molecular Motors Structure and function of Plasma membrane (human perspectives) Module IV: Gene circuits Gene to Protein Gene Anatomy Gene Circuits and Bionetworks Module V: Genomics History of the Genome Decoding Human genome Genetic Engineering, Uses of Genetic technology in Medicine, Agriculture and Environment Module VI: Cell Adhesion and Communication Modes of cell-cell communications Extra cellular matrix, Signaling Pathways Biomedical relevance Module VII: Cell Division and Regulation Fundamentals of cell division Cell Culture
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BYS201_syllabus_2009 - BYS201 An introduction to Molecular...

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