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Notes About the First Test and Software A Special Note about the First Test: The first test will include a “take home” portion in which you will write and use a computer “program” to compute and graph partial sums of Fourier series. The word “program” is misleading. Instead of a programming language like C or Pascal or Fortran, you should use a mathematics package such as Mathcad or Maple. See problem 5.13 (page 56) and problems 9.8 and 9.9 at the end of chapter 9 (pages 119 and 120). It would be a very good idea to start now to make sure that you can use one of these packages with reasonable proficiency. In particular, you will need to know how to handle functions, indices, summations, integration and graphing. Notes on Software: Maple, Mathcad, Mathematica, and Matlab are the math packages generally available. Of these, I would suggest using Maple, especially if you’ve already used it in previous classes. It is easy to use (compared to Matlab or Mathematica); it gives excellent results, and, best of all, we have an arrangement
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