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Find_Typos_1 - MA 460/561 Howell Bonus Points 1 On Friday...

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MA 460/561 9/21/2011 Howell Bonus Points 1 On Friday, September 30, at the start of class (or earlier), turn in a list of as many “certifiable” errors or typos as you can find in the text , excluding, of course, those 1 already listed in the on-line Errata sheet ( , dated October 25, 2010). Typos in Text You'll get 1 point per certified error for up to 10 points (but feel free to list more than 10 errors, both because it will help me and because I might not accept all of your corrections!). Be sure to identify each error/typo well enough for me to easily find and correct it. I would also greatly appreciate it if you list the errors/typos in the order in which they occur. I am most interested in mathematical errors, but I do want to know about any misspellings or errors in grammar and punctuation. Please, however, don't try to glaring apply the rules too strictly! Use a little common sense. In particular, Minor misuses and misplacements of commas — and other punctuation marks —
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