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Unformatted text preview: MA 460/561 9/21/2011 Howell Bonus Points 1 On Friday, September 30, at the start of class (or earlier), turn in a list of as many “certifiable” errors or typos as you can find in the text1, excluding, of course, those already listed in the on-line Errata sheet (Typos in Text, dated October 25, 2010). You'll get 1 point per certified error for up to 10 points (but feel free to list more than 10 errors, both because it will help me and because I might not accept all of your corrections!). Be sure to identify each error/typo well enough for me to easily find and correct it. I would also greatly appreciate it if you list the errors/typos in the order in which they occur. I am most interested in mathematical errors, but I do want to know about any misspellings or glaring errors in grammar and punctuation. Please, however, don't try to apply the rules too strictly! Use a little common sense. In particular, Minor misuses and misplacements of commas — and other punctuation marks — don't count! (But grossly misplacing, a comma or ending a sentence with two periods — as illustrated in this sentence — does count..) Intentional errors don't count. (These should be obvious!) Disagreements with my “style” (the placement of footnotes, my not indenting the paragraph following a header, the choice of symbols identifying exercises and examples, etc.) don't count. While I won't give bonus points for such things, I will still welcome any comments you have regarding them. And I will appreciate any other comments or suggestions you may have concerning this book, including your opinions on the readability, material covered, chapter and equation numbering, esthetic appeal of the fonts, and so on. 1 A “certified error” is anything I agree is a certifiable error. ...
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