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MA 460/561 10/17/2011 Howell Homework Set II Note: All use of “tables” is to be limited to the tables handed out in class (available online). Be sure that I can tell how you got your answers using those tables. At the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, hand in your work on the following exercises from the text : page 258 (chapt. 18): 7 (for 10 pts.) page 288-290 (chapt. 19): 14a & 17b ii page 308-309 (chapt. 20): 12b, 13b & 13d (for 10 pts. total) page 308-309 (chapt. 20): 17a ii (for 10 pts.) page 327 (chapt. 21): 11k (Do NOT use a modulation identity for 11p) MA 561 students: Also hand in your work on the following exercise from the text:
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Unformatted text preview: page 318 (chapt. 21), 6 (for 15 pts.) Notes: I do NOT want to see your homework problems, and I do NOT want to have to figure all out the answers you hurriedly scrawled out while you were also eating lunch! I also want space so that I can write comments if I feel so inclined. So please: 1. Only hand in the problems listed above, in the order given. 2. Rewrite neatly the problems that you are handing in, using a reasonably dark pen or pencil. 3. Leave at least a few lines between the problems. 4. Write on only one side of each sheet. And, of course, as much as possible, show enough work so that it doesn’t look like you’ve just copied the answers from the back of the book....
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